Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Stone therapy is one of the types of Thai massage where hot stones play the main role. This type is aimed at deep and complete working out of large muscles, in particular the back, neck, legs. By analogy with the procedure using herbal bags, the body is heated by a heat source. In this direction, special basalt stones are involved, which are heated to the required temperature indicators.

In most cases, one session of stone therapy (stone massage) takes about 1-2 hours, rarely more than the specified time. The master needs time to restore energy and strength, since during the procedure it is important to work out the body as deeply as possible. For this, additional accessories are used – bags, balms and much more.

Features of stone therapy

In one visit, the master is not able to fully work out the muscles, as well as relieve tension in some areas. This procedure should take place gradually – step by step to relax all areas. When large muscles are warmed up, rapid relaxation occurs, getting rid of tightness and tension. This, in turn, allows you to reduce the number of sessions required to achieve an effective result.

Duration of hot stone massage is 60 and 90 minutes, this time will be enough to remove discomfort in the neck, back or legs. Upon completion, we recommend resting for 10 minutes, the masseur will additionally emphasize this condition. Take your time to leave the salon, have a cup of aromatic tea or a glass of water, after a short rest, you can return to your daily business.

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