Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a type of massage whose main purpose is to eliminate tension and firm muscles and joints. Its toning and relaxing effect favors blood and lymphatic circulation and the elimination of a large number of toxins, in addition it also helps the body to rediscover its natural balance.

This type of massage is the most common to relax both the body and the mind. It is characterized by the fact that a large part of the movements carried out by the professional are carried out in the direction of the heart, and the joints are also used passively and actively to improve the patient’s well-being.

Per Henrik Ling and the origins of Swedish massage

Massage is perhaps one of the oldest healing techniques in the world: it has its roots in Chinese, Egyptian and Hindu civilizations, but, above all, in the Greco-Roman. Inspired by all of them, the Swedish physician Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839) created a complete system of physical exercises with the aim of correcting and strengthening body deficiencies known as the ‘Ling system of movement’, which combined exercise, massage and sauna.

To develop his technique, Ling was inspired by his great knowledge of anatomy, physical education, fencing, and his belief in the power of thought over the mind. And to demonstrate the efficacy of his findings, he decided to found the Royal Gymnastics Central Institute in 1814 in Stockholm.

Although it took a century for his work to be fully recognized and his techniques used, first in the United States and, later, in Europe. Today, most Western therapeutic massage modalities have their origin in Swedish massage.

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