Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage consists of the application of massage techniques that help to expand the muscles, improve the motor capacities of the joints, increase blood circulation and improve lymph drainage. Sports massage is intended especially for people who make a special physical effort, it returns to the body fl the necessary flexibility and elasticity.

This can be a relaxing massage of overworked muscles with a higher tone or toning of a hypotonic muscle. This type of massage unlocks the muscle-blocked actin and myosin complexes by deep draining the muscle and releasing toxins into the lymphatic system.

During competitive periods, massage boosts the starting state and is applied before the competition through appropriate and individualized procedures to overcome the crisis of adaptation, in which the athlete can show apathy, .situation in which exciting massage procedures are applied. And the starting fever, a situation in which the massage must be calming and soothing for the nerves and decontracting for the muscles. The massage can be applied slightly exciting to maintain the optimal psychomotor condition. Sports Massage

After the competition, during the recovery period, the purpose of the massage is to remove fatigue and restore the body quickly and efficiently, in order to prepare for the upcoming competitions.

In sports activity, as a result of the release of energy needed to perform a physical effort, muscle fatigue occurs. Due to the biochemical processes carried out at the level of the muscle fiber, processes that produce contractile and metabolic disabilities, the athlete’s efficiency decreases. Relaxation techniques specific to sports massage, produce hyperemia, which allows muscle fibers to regain energy reserves. Any method of massage helps to increase the amount of blood and oxygen in the muscles. This improves the elasticity, contractility and functional possibilities of the muscle and delays the time of anoxia and the accumulation of toxins.

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