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What is Massage?

What is Massage?

Massage is a body language that often says more than the best chosen words. It is an age-old ritual and lets everyone relax in this modern age. Massaging is using the sense of touch. The touch is the sense that you first develop. This is the sense through which everyone can feel. This is the first sense that every person develops, but also the first sense that people seem to lose in our daily lives.

Massage is a healing art. It is a meeting, a touch, from person to person in a pure way. In this hurried and busy world we do not pay enough attention to ourselves and what we need. The direct touch makes the client aware of the body and listens to what the body says.

A massage is literally a treatment of the body by systematically rubbing, stroking and / or kneading the skin. Massages are not performed mechanically, but simply manually. This is possible with the help of a massage oil.

Massage is more than bodywork

A massage makes us aware of how and where stress manifests itself in our body in the form of tension. This tension results in a permanent tension on the muscles. This can result in many muscle complaints. This tension or tension impedes the flow of energy and blood flow, this leads to fatigue, a heavy feeling, movement limitations, a reduced flexibility of muscles and a high risk of overloading and injuries.

But massage is more than bodywork. It is also viewed from a mindfulness perspective. A massage brings you into contact with the here and now. The client is invited to be actively present during the treatment. The client must focus on breathing, pay close attention to the touch and identify pain spots. By drawing attention to the touch of the treatment in this way, something also happens to the client spiritually. The client gets more space, energy and feels freer.

The benefits of a massage

A massage has beneficial effects on both the physical well-being and the mental well-being of the client.

  • Reduces stress
  • Stimulates the feeling of happiness
  • Increases the resistance
  • Reduces physical complaints
  • Improves the balance between body and mind
  • Gives energy

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