Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage

Balinese massage is a highly effective, safe technique of targeted impact on biologically active points of the body. Procedures with the use of natural massage oils restore the physical and psycho-emotional potential of a person. Manipulations optimize the rate and quality of metabolism, stimulate the synthesis of elastin and collagen, and promote rapid recovery from household or sports injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Medical and preventive measures eliminate fatigue, help to distract from worldly troubles and problems of professional activity.

Balinese massage is a unique technique of targeted impact on the anatomical structures, as well as the emotional profile of a person. Indonesian technique is the perfect combination of aromatherapy, Swedish massage, acupressure and Ayurvedic techniques, the traditional Indian system of medicine. Sessions of therapeutic and prophylactic procedures give the patient mental pleasure, restore vitality, optimize metabolism, blood circulation and intracellular respiration. After the massage, the patient feels a surge of strength, vigor and cheerfulness. The effectiveness of health-improving measures will depend many times on the competent use of natural oils for massage.

Benefits of Balinese Massage

  • Full relaxation gives true pleasure, helps to eliminate negative emotions, to completely distract from everyday worries and problems of professional activity.
  • Complex improvement of the body without discomfort and pain. The procedures minimize the aggressiveness of the symptoms of chronic diseases and enhance the effectiveness of traditional medicine.
  • Manipulations optimize the metabolic mechanism, accelerate the utilization and removal of toxins, stimulate the synthesis of elastin and collagen, which give the skin youthful freshness, firmness and endurance.

    Remember, there are a number of factors, diagnoses and situations in which it is highly undesirable to perform a Balinese massage. That is why, before visiting the spa, be sure to consult with a therapist, surgeon, cardiologist and dermatologist. In most cases, doctors approve of the patient’s initiative.

Make an appointment for your Balinese massage in Delhi and Gurgaon and discover the benefits of this ancient technique.

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